Advanced Cerakote

We choose to apply Cerakote because we believe it’s the best option, and the company has done a multitude of tests against competitors to prove it. We can say with confidence that Cerakote is the industry’s leader in durability, hardness, scratch resistance, flexibility, and chemical resistance. Any Cerakote job is guaranteed to last. Plus, they provide a wider selection of colors than any other performance treatment. This allows for limitless design combinations for a completely unique design on every piece.

Blood Eagle Weaponry is an Advanced Certified Applicator with Cerakote.

Cerakote treatment is not limited to firearms. We offer a wide range of coating for off road parts, marine equipment, electronics, sports gear, and more. Bring a personal touch to any of your favorite equipment, with the benefits of drastically higher resistance and durability against even the toughest conditions.

View our gallery on the Cerakote website.

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